MTA e-Directory Growth and Resilience Officer Funding Confirmed

Business PeopleThe MTA Executive are thrilled to announce that funding for MTA e-Directory Growth and Resilience Officer role has been confined by Anglo American.

The funding application was initially lodged early last year and with the support of Lynda Pollock at Anglo American and her wider Management team. The funding application for $45,000 has been now been confirmed.

The funding will now allow MTA to seek expressions of interest in the Growth and Resilience Officer role that will allow the enablement of the MTA e-Directory Capability Statements and MTA capability growth.

MTA would like to acknowledge the work of Jan Anfruns (MTA Secretary at the time) that was instrumental in the funding Application submission.   With the help of Jan, Trehan Stenton (Current MTA President) worked alongside Angelo American to keep visibility of our funding Application.

Funding has also been received by Moranbah Workers Club for $5000, which will used to help support the role out of the Growth and Resilience Officer role.  Funding was also provided by Isaac Regional Council and Local Buying Community Foundation for the development of the e-Business Directory.

A Position Description for the Growth and Resilience Officer Role will be issued next week, with applications for the role being sort within the next month.

For further information, please contact Trehan Stenton 0451 087 337.